Diathermy Heat



Improves skin tone
Smoothes cellulite
Assists weight loss

Helps detoxification
Improves body toning

Soothes tension and pain

Measurable centimetre loss
Stimulates Lymphatic drainage
Measurable fluid loss after treatment

Healing aid to sore muscles and joints
Induces a sense of well-being and relaxation

Diathermy Heat Body Wraps



How It Works

The Diathermy Heat Body Wraps Machine uses high frequency electromagnetic currents, which cause molecules deep in the tissue to vibrate thereby rapidly raising the sub-dermal temperature to around 40C in the area to which it is being applied.

The absorbed heat is distributed throughout the body via the circulatory system breaking down fat droplets (known as Cellulite) allowing the Lymphatic System to dispose of these fats as waste and through the skin by perspiration.


Results experienced are

Improved skin-tone
Reduction in fluid retention and toxins
Inducing a sense of well-being and relaxation
Relief of stiff aching limbs, muscles and joints.


But for a complete ‘Cellulite Attack’ and a full ‘Body Make-Over’ our Cellu-Melt5 Diathermy Heat Body Wraps machine is brilliant as a complementary service with the ‘Bel Viso Body Bar’ 30-pad Body-toning machine!