Body Bar

Body Toning




How it works

In normal exercise our brain sends a message to our muscles telling them to contract, this is a voluntary action.

With our EMS Body Toning machines this same message is sent from the programme of our fully computerised machine via a set of negative and positive silicon pads that are placed on the motor point of the muscles, which in turn contracts and relaxes the muscles, this is called an involuntary muscle action.

When used as NMES Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation is particularly helpful for muscle rehabilitation and to prevent muscle atrophy.





No downtime! Results in just weeks
Feel firmer from 1st session
Enhances your personal appearance
Relax and reshape your whole body
Measurable Centimetres Loss
Reduces waist size
Assists in weight reduction
Tightens sagging muscles and skin tone (especially while losing weight)
Builds and defines muscle tone in ABs, Arms and Calves
Targets lymphatic drainage
Re-educates damaged muscles, preventing muscular atrophy
Promotes the oxygen flow throughout your body
Healing aid to sore muscles and joints
Soothes tension and pain
Reduces pressure on joints
Perfect training tool for athletes and body builders
Lift and strengthen pectoral muscles
Improve skin tone
Helps bladder control
Extremely beneficial for the elderly
Post natal toning strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
Induces a sense of well-being and relaxation
Encourages and motivates a healthier lifestyle

A huge benefit of EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation is that you get a passive workout without risk of trauma or fatigue,
which is particularly beneficial for mums after child birth, the elderly and people with damaged muscles due to an injury.